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​We  make  the  repairs  to  damaged  ventilation  screens around  the  foundation  and  under  the  eaves...Seal  all  openings  around  pipes, cables, and  wires  that  enter  through  walls  or  the  foundation.                                                  are  wary  animals,  easily  frightened   by  unfamiliar  or  strange  noises.  However,  they  quickly  become  accustomed  to  repeated  sounds,  making  high  frequency  and  ultrasonic  sound  methods  ineffective  for  controlling  RATS  &  RODENTS . Trapping  &  removing  these  animals  is  the  best  way  to  get  rid  of   Rats,  Raccoon,  Opossums,  Pigeons,  Rodents,  Iguanas, Bird Control,  Feral  Cats,  Snakes,  Foxes.,  Nuisance  Wildlife Critter  Control  Experts... Week  Days  24/7  Week Ends Holidays  (305)417-1239 Rats & Mice are some nasty animals, they carry many different types of disease and parasites.  *NOISES* in your attic? Trapping the problem animal or in most cases animals is dependent on correctly identifying the problem species, and placing the correct trapping device and the clear understanding of the behavior of Nuisance Wildlife.,                      Big Cypress                                Critter Removal                                 Company LLC  will analyze the structure to find how Rats and or other Critters entered. The inspection of the said property is essential to permanent Critter control solutions due to Nuisance Wildlife Entry. The animals inherent gnawing puts all structures at risk A/C Duct Work, Elect, Plumbing pipes ext...We offer 24/7 fast same day response time 100% Guaranteed.                    Call:(305) 417-1239


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Our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient means of alleviating your nuisance Critter concerns, dedicated to professionalism in every facet of our work from start to finish., We strive to provide the  best  customer experience with Big Cypress Critter Removal Company LLC.                                                     We appreciate your Business and the opportunity to serve you. Thank You...                      We are here for you 24/7 also week ends and Holidays ...(305) 417-1239    ​Lic.#585261-2                 


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Many wildlife conflicts can be explained with two words: food and shelter. Provide them intentionally or accidentally,and some wild animals will probably accept the invitation. Surprised ? As human development spreads,wildlife conflicts happen more frequently. The competition for natural sources of food and shelter increases,enticing some animals to seek their living in our world.At the same time,some species adapt to these new opportunities so well that their populations rise dramatically,further increasing the chance of a conflict with people. Most wildlife just mind their own businesses and never cause a conflict with people.   In fact,many people deeply enjoy their interactions with wildlife. "Nuisance Wildlife" means an animal is destructive or menacing. The animal may be damaging property such as buildings, crops,pets,livestock,gardens,or public parks. Wildlife may threaten human health or safety by spreading diseases;through direct attacks; or accidentally.

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